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If perfection was a car... 👌🏻 What do you think, is the NSX the perfect car? What would your perfect car be?
Bentley Continental GT3, the classy way to race 😎
Thank you! This community of Small Cars has just passed 40,000 people!! When I started this page it was for a bit of fun, to experiment with photos, and to share my small obsession with cars. You’re all super awesome, and I love that there are so many of us who share my love for diecast cars. Stay awesome, keep hunting, and let’s see where we go next! Thanks Tom 🤓
Furiously fast... now let’s see your F&F garage 👍🏻 feel free to share a pic or two 😃
Probably my most favourite Car Culture set from Hot Wheels 👊🏻
Possibly my favourite… and it’s a red Porsche, not a Lamborghini 😱 I think I need to sit down for a bit… 😆

Wheel swap

I’m often get asked about my custom wheels and how I put them on my cars, so I thought I’d shoot this clip as a little how too.


Visit my shop and find yourself some epic machines. The cars in the shop I have personally selected. You’ll also find 1:64 scale wheels and a host of other diecast goodness.

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